Customer Feedback - here is some of the thoughts that clients have been kind enough to provide on their experience visiting Sports Therapy York.  

Back and foot pain

I went to see Shaun with a constant pain in my lower back. He really listened and understood me, went over my history and how my body responded to different positions.  He put in place a programme to folllow. My pain has gone from several times daily to an occasional ouch. Whilst there he sorted out my big toe which was bending under the one next to it, making it uncomfortable to walk. WIth some manipulation and some exercises, my toe once again stands alone. I would highly recommend a visit. 


J Burgess - York

Chronic pain problems

He is thorough in his consultation and treats the real cause not just the symptoms. His methods are sometimes unusual but the results are magical. I’m pain free and more flexible than I have been for years. Thank you SHaun.


Mrs S Ibbotson - York

Low Back Pain

I went to see Shaun after putting my back out quite severely. After a series of events my back reached the point of barely being able to walk or put my socks on. Shaun identified the issue to a broken foot several years ago and an issue with my knee which I had for the past few months. I left the appointment feeling great and after doing the exercises my back feels back to normal. I cant recommend him enough. 


Luxe Fitness - York

Shoulder Pain

After his assessment and suggested exercises for my shoulder and a week later the pain had gone. I’ve recommended him to several people already. 


D Younger - York

Neck Problems

I visited Shaun with a painful wrist and all the signs of Carpal Tunnel (which Shaun quickly ruled out). I’d had the pain for several months and it was starting to disrupt my daily activities. It’s fair to say I was a little bit sceptical about his methods to start with but I’m delighted to say that having followed his exercises religiously (sent with a video so no paper to lose!) I am totally pain free. I’m so happy, thank you!


S Travis - York

Hip Pain

After seeing Shaun I am already walking better than even before my injury. I can now walk downstairs properly which I have not been able to do for 3 or 4 years and I can stand on one leg, which according to my daughter I haven’t been able to do for years. I would thoroughly recommend him to improve any injury. 


P Collins - Knaresborough

Running pains

Shaun treated the dysfunctional probelms and gave me a series of exercises to do to help me sort out what my body was doing to cause the pain. A week later I ran the marathon with no knee pain. I’ve secretly named him York’s body magician, as I wouldn’t have made the start line without him. 


L Jefferies - York

Back pain

Shaun sorted out my longstanding back problem in one session. I wish I’d gone sooner. 


A Forsyth - York

Shoulder problems

Amazing, walked in with significant pain and restricted movement and walked out an hour later with significantly less pain and much greater movement. 


A Dixon - York

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