Shaun Owen York Body Mechanic Treating chronic pain: Back Pain Joint Pain Foot and Gait Problems
Shaun Owen York Body Mechanic    Treating chronic pain:Back PainJoint PainFoot and Gait Problems

About Shaun

As York Body Mechanic I love educating people about what is happening to their body, giving them greater control of their own condition. Every body has a story to tell, it is my role to unravel that story. 


I have a fascination for the for the mechanics of the human body and how we move. I believe that we all have the incredible ability to heal ourselves given the chance. I help to guide your body back towards centre, and find a pain free, optimal place.


With initial training as a sports therapist in 2011, I've since undertaken further training in Anatomy in Motion, NeuroKinetic Therapy and currently the ground breaking neurological receptor dysfunction treating P-DTR. Staying up to date with current theory allows me to provide you the best possible treatment. 


Much of my spare time has been spent playing sport, from football and rugby to tennis and badminton. As I got older I developed a love for long distance running, before moving onto triathlon. After competing in Olympic distance events I moved on to half and full Ironman events. My love of cycling has taken over in recent years. 

The John O'Groats to Lands End ride and this year Coast to Coast in a day are just a couple of my latest challenges. 



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