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      Back Pain and Injury Rehabilitation Clinic

Back pain, sports injury or just everyday aches and pains getting in the way of your life. then get in touch to book your appointment.


Either call Shaun on 07956 4485 35 or schedule your appointment using the button below. 




Appointment options:


- Visit my home clinic studio for a face to face session. 


If you would like some advice or to chat about your injury or pain then feel free to get in touch. 


Sports Therapy York Client Feedback - S Travis, York


"I visited Shaun with a painful wrist and all the signs of Carpal Tunnel (which Shaun quickly ruled out). I'd had pain for several months and it was disrupting my daily activities. I'm delighted to say that having followed his exercises daily (sent by video) I'm totally pain free. I'm so happy, thank you!



Some of the problems that I help clients with:


- Back pain

- Neck pain

- Knee injuries

- Whiplash and headaches

- Shoulder pain e.g frozen shoulder and rotator cuff problems 

- Ankle sprains and running injuries

- Sports injuries


To find out more or to book an appointment call sports and injury therapist Shaun on 07956 448535.



Sports Therapy York Client Feedback - Mrs S Crossley, York


"Shaun really knows his stuff. After thinking I was going to have to cancel a holiday to Florence because of a really painful knee, I ended up climbing the 464 steps of the Duomo two weeks after a succesful treatment with Shaun and doing the exercises given. I'm very glad it was Shaun I went to for help."


Sports Therapy York - Changing the way you move

Past injury and trauma generally shows up in your movement and we learn to “walk around” our problems and limitations. The key to unlocking your movement potential and to move without pain is to understand the jigsaw of your past life and the story that your body is telling. As a specialist in human movement unlocking the story of how we are moving around past injury and trauma is facinating.  


Once the pieces of the jigsaw come together, movement becomes easier and the conscious and unconscious fear of movements starts to dispel.  


After training as a sports therapist I've continued to expand my knowlwedge of problems associated to chronic issues by taking further education in human gait and neurology to complement my existing sports therapy toolkit. So if you have long term problems that never see to improve, no matter who you see, then get in touch to discuss your case and how I could help you.



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