Services and treatment costs

At York Body Mechanic I offer a variety of services that include helping people in pain, helping people with emotional or stress related conditions and helping athletes maximise their performance potential. 


Your initial Pain and Movement Consultation will last 75 minutes and cost £55. Any further appointments are then £50 per sixty minute treatment, or you can choose to book a three session package for £145. This includes the initial seventy five minute appointment. 


Emotional Trauma and Stress Consultations will last for 90 minutes and cost £65. Any further appointments are then £50 per sixty minute treatment.


Athletic Performance Consultations will last for 2 hours and cost £80.


Sports Massage Sessions will last 40 minutes and cost £30.

Running, cycling and sports injuries

Sciatica and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Back, neck and shoulder pain

How many sessions will I need?

That depends. Simpler more recent difficulties can be easier to resolve in a shorter period of time. Older problems may be more complex. The longer you have lived with an issue, the greater the likelihood that it has led to neuromuscular imbalances and additional complications. 


i generally look to clear two or three patterns at a time. It is not unusual for new symptoms to appear following a session, as older layers of imbalance come to light through the work we do. This is perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about. 


Clients with longer standing issues often commit to three sessions. This allows enough time to address the layers of dysfunction that may be present. 


Seriously, if you have a chronic on-going  issue you have to see Shaun, I cannot recommend him enough.  D Kirkham - York 

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