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Services and treatment costs

I offer a variety of services that include:


Your Pain and Movement Consultation and Home Exercise Programme will last 75 minutes and cost £55. Any further appointments are then £50 per hour. 


Under 16 treatment costs £40


Sports Massage Sessions will last 40 minutes and cost £30.


Customer Feedback

Lower back pain

I went to Shaun with pain in my lower back, a constant daily ouch. He really listened and understood me, went over my history and how my body reacts in different positions. He put in place a programme to follow. My pain has gone from several times daily to an occassional ouch. Whist there he sorted out my big toe which was bending underneath the next toe, making it uncomfortable to walk. After some manipulation and certain exercises my toe once again stands alone. I would highly recommend a visit. 


Mrs J Burgess - York

Chronic Pain

Seriously, if you have a chronic on going issue you have to see Shaun, I can't recommend him enough. This was the single best experience at resolving my ongoing problems. 


D Kirkham - York

Low Back Pain

I went to see Shaun after putting my back out quite severely. After a series of events my back reached the point of barely being able to walk around, not able to reach my knees to put my socks on. Shaun identified my issue relating back to a broken foot several years ago and also an issue with my knee that I'd been having for the last 8 months. I left the appointment feeling great, after doing the exercises in the afternoon my back felt almost completely back to normal and a day later having no issues at all. I cant recommend Shaun enough. 

Where are you based?

I run my clinic from Bannatyne’s gym in Nether Poppleton and on Monday’s from York Yoga Studio in Acomb.

How many sessions will I need?

That depends. Simpler more recent difficulties can be easier to resolve in a shorter period of time. Older problems may be more complex, there is no quick fix for long standing issues. In cases like this more session are likely to be needed. Clients with longer standing issues often commit to three or four sessions. This allows enough time to address the many layers of issues and restrictions that may be present. 


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