Shaun Owen York Body Mechanic Back Pain Painful joints Sports injuries
Shaun OwenYork Body Mechanic     Back PainPainful jointsSports injuries 

Body Mechanics Movement Classes

Change the way you move

Human movement is a never changing experience, step after step. Some joints move too much, others too little, some maybe not at all. This eventually leads to feelings of tightness, restritctions in movement and potentially pain, 

Change the input

The class will let you understand how your own body moves (or doesn't). By changing the input (how your joints move) we can change the output (how it feels when you move). This allows you to experience greater flexibility and freedon in movement. 

Move better, feel better

Moving better is not just about moving better. the parts of your brain that control movement are linked to the parts that control your thoughts, emotions and sensory preceptions. 


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